Miljöö Maja - the privacy of a private house
with the amenities of an apartment building.

Miljöö Maja – a home with character in Kassisaba at Wismari 31. This is a house with well thought-through modern architecture, clever technical construction solutions and milieu-fitting design. It is an excellent location for those who value the quiet Kassisaba area right next to Toompea and wish to acquire a home in a new, smaller house with a sizable yard.

Kassisaba is characterized by dignified houses and numerous green areas. The quiet inner streets of the district are excellent for a stroll and all the comforts of the town centre are within 10 minutes of Wismari 31 by foot.

Miljöö Maja has been planned with a focus on privacy and creation of the true homely feeling. Therefore, the house features only 9 carefully planned apartments with 1–5 rooms and with sizes ranging from 31–115 m2. The building, with its spacious yard, offers the privacy of a private house with the amenities of an apartment building. The spacious central stairwell, basement storage rooms, and parking spaces in the closed yard provide convenient access to the home and make sure that everything you need is right at hand.

The house’s exterior is defined by a modern wooden façade with wide windows, befitting the wooden houses common in the Kassisaba area, and along Wismari Street. The elegant house carries a rolled sheet roof with varying surface levels, large roof windows, and balconies with glass railings.

The high quality interior finishes are inspired by contrasts and material combinations characteristic to the Kassisaba area. For those looking for an especially luxurious experience, we have created a VIP interior finish plan with colours, textures, and materials incorporating the elegance and dignity of Toompea.

The convenience of the home is additionally enhanced by user-friendly Smart Home solutions, which via a smart device allow, for an example, keeping an eye on home expenses, adjusting room temperature, or open doors for guests without rising from the couch.

Miljöö Maja creates a personal breathing space in the turmoil of the town centre. Come and see the home with character at Kassisaba!

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