Kassisaba has historically been a suburb of Toompea, built largely on the grounds of the Luisenthal summer estate. Kassisaba is full of life and constantly evolving – here you’ll find beautifully renovated old houses as well as new buildings that respect the historic heritage of the area.
All of the above provides an extra value for local inhabitants – the historic milieu of the area is sure to be preserved.

  • The location on the west side of the town centre enables quick access to the Old Town, schools, kindergartens, and shopping centres, or the greenery of various parks on foot, by bicycle, or with public transport.

    Furthermore, a little over a kilometre to the north-west lays the Telliskivi Creative City, which beats to the rhythm of an urban lifestyle and is growing become a centre of cultural life in Tallinn. It has concentrated various master’s workshops and boutiques, as well as restaurants and cafés offering fascinating taste experiences such as F-Hoone, Trühvel, Lendav Taldrik, and several others.  

  • In addition to the inner yard of the Miljöö Maja, there are suitable places for spending time with the family at Falgi Park, Hirvepark, and Toompark with their abundant greenery and playgrounds. There is no lack of greenery at Kassisaba or its neighbourhood – starting out for a walk at Falgi Park, one can continue through Hirvepark and make a lunch break at the restaurant Kalambuur – the delicious fish dishes there being a true taste experience. Snelli pond and cosy restaurants such as Emmeline & Otto and Neikid are mere minutes away.

    The inner streets of Kassisaba, with little traffic and beautiful architecture, are perfect for a stroll – come and enjoy the relaxing peacefulness and pleasant sights in the unique milieu of the area, right at the heart of Tallinn.