Perton Ehitus.
More than 12 years of experience
in the building and development market

For more than twelve years Perton Ehitus has followed the goal of creating living environments with the true feel of home. We started out restoring historic buildings and enhancing them with elements valued in a modern home and new energy saving technical systems. 

For new developments we have set a goal of creating homes with modern architecture while attempting to build a bridge between restored historic buildings and new houses.

For restoration work, we have a license for working with architectural heritage sites issued by the National Heritage Board of Estonia. We have also been granted several awards, such as a letter of gratitude from the Tallinn Environment and Heritage Service for restoring the Wismari 47 apartment building in 2012, acknowledgement from the Tallinn City Planning Department for “Best Renovated Houses in Milieu-Areas 2015” for restoring houses at Luise 27/1 and 27/2, and also the “Tiled Roof of the Year 2015” title for restoring the house at Tina 26.

In the last four years, Perton Ehitus OÜ has been awarded the “Successful Estonian Enterprise” title by Estonian Business information provider Creditinfo Eesti AS The issuer of Estonian business newspaper, Äripäev AS has recognized Perton Ehitus OÜ as the “Estonian Gazelle-Enterprise 2015”. Perton Ehitus OÜ is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and belongs to The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia.

We focus our attention on the values of the area and opportunities the new home offers to its inhabitants. We also honour maintaining the neighbourhood milieu and adding value to it – we have built and restored homes, for example, at Kassisaba, Kalamaja, Kadriorg, and other highly valued resident areas.

The feel of a home is created by people, but the home itself is built by professionals. Until now we have built or restored over 35 residential buildings, mainly in Tallinn, and created many new homes in the process.


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