The new year has taken off with a fresh start for home buyers. All the homes in Wismari 31 have found their owners – the last two of the Milieu House’s four-room apartments were bought in January.

The first set of keys was handed over to new home owners already before Christmas, and the last buyers can move in any day now. 

We express our gratitude to all the people in the process of creation, who contributed to the realisation of this project. We thank the new home owners, who trusted Perton Ehitus to make it real.

The construction of the Milieu House started in the beginning of 2017. The house is situated in the quiet centre of Kassisaba district and there are nine new one- to five-room apartments. South-side balconies, terraces, and a private green courtyard allow for the feeling of a private house with all the comforts of an apartment building. 

A contemporary solution for a wooden façade with large windows complies with other mainly wooden buildings of Kassisaba street front. The house has a tin batten roof of varying levels with large skylights, and toned glass balconies. 

If you did not find a place for yourself in the Milieu House – there are still eight apartments for sale in Hermann’s House. If you wish to find out about other homes or property investments, please register your interest through the contact form. This way you are always among the first to know about our new projects and best offers.


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