• Wismari 31 has a quiet and green backyard 
  • Fewer apartments with more privacy to make you feel right at home
  • A historic neighbourhood near Toompea

The sale of apartments at Wismari 31 has now begun. Contact us – the quicker you are, the more choices you will have.

The milieu–fitting house with modern architecture has south facing balconies and terraces.

There are 9 apartments on sale, with 1−5 rooms and sizes of 31−115m².



Miljöö Maja – Wismari 31
Karakteriga Kodu Kassisabas

This is a house with well thought-through modern architecture, clever technical construction solutions and milieu-fitting design. It is an excellent location for those who value the quiet Kassisaba area right next to Toompea and wish to acquire a home in a new, smaller house with a spacious yard. The building, with its sizable yard, offers the privacy of a private house with the amenities of an apartment building. The spacious central stairwell, basement storage rooms, and parking spaces in the closed yard provide convenient access to the home and ensure that everything you need is right at hand.

Unique living environment

Kassisaba has historically been a suburb of Toompea, built largely on the grounds of the Luisenthal summer estate. Kassisaba is full of life and constantly evolving – here you’ll find beautifully renovated old houses, as well as new buildings that respect the historic heritage of the area.

All of the above provides an extra value for local inhabitants-
the historic milieu of the area is sure to be preserved.

Developer Perton Ehitus

Wismari 31 has been planned with a focus on privacy and creation of a true homely atmosphere. The apartments are of high quality and have carefully designed features.

For more than twelve years, Perton Ehitus has had the goal of creating living environments with the true feel of home. We started out by restoring historic buildings and enhancing them with elements valued in a modern home, and new energy efficient technical systems.

In the last four years, Perton Ehitus OÜ has been awarded the “Successful Estonian Enterprise” title by Estonian Business information provider Creditinfo Eesti AS. The issuer of Estonian business newspaper, Äripäev AS, has recognized Perton Ehitus OÜ as “Estonian Gazelle-Enterprise 2015”. Perton Ehitus OÜ is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and belongs to The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia.

Learn more about the developer at our home page

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